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nouveau juillet 2012


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A team of animation for your holidays

The workshop Terre de Flandre travels to enliven your parties and offers demonstrations and animations pottery fun and educational.


The demonstration cooking Raku
Is a show of fire for old and young

terre de flandre : le raku

The Raku is a Japanese technique of the XVIth century related to the tea ceremony.
The pieces are put in the oven and heated at
950 ° C.

As soon as they turn red they are pulled out.

They sustain a thermal shock that cracks the enamel, creating cracks on the surface of the arts pieces but they remaining invisible.

To make the cracks perceptible, art pieces undergo a smoky concept in a sawdust bath before being cooled with water

The workshop consists of two

Separate shops:

The decoration workshop


cooking Raku

These spectacular firings are repeated every 10 mn.






runes sur ceramique

Ils nous ont fait confiance pour leurs festivités


Ville de Boulogne sur Mer
Ville de Saint Amand les Eaux
Ville de Béthune
Ville de Denain
aVille de Marlyaa

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